The Global Access Foundation is a grass-roots, non-profit organization based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Our mission is to serve and empower impoverished communities throughout the world so that they might become self-sustaining, self-directing, and free from the cycle of poverty and hunger. We believe in the power of relationships and community, and are committed to forging partnerships with various organizations for the benefit of those we support.

Building Bridges

The Global Access Foundation has cultivated a wide network among various nonprofit groups, charitable organizations and volunteers, with the objective of establishing relationships in regions of the world that need support. These relationships cross cultural, economic and social backgrounds, providing valuable insight into the environment of those in need and access to community leaders, volunteers and friends.

Building Community

The Global Access Foundation supports community leadership to meet community needs. We are actively seeking leaders who are eager to contribute and have the motivation to create a positive change within their neighborhood or village. These individuals are encouraged to develop a regional, community-based team which provides information regarding a specific need, collaborative solutions and an action plan. Through direct community participation toward the problem-solving effort, these relationships develop and opportunities for success grow. The Global Access Foundation is there every step of the way to help train and fully support these community-based networks.

Building Hope

By making a direct impact through the invaluable efforts of those directly involved, the Global Access Foundation is spreading hope among neighbors. The premise of turning ideas into action is an inspiring reality that provides this sense of hope for both our volunteers and those we are honored to assist.